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Welcome 3DS Pokemon XY Players!
written by: Pokenav Developers on 2013-10-18 at 12:13 PM
We are happy to announce that our Pokemon Online Database is now hosting new Pokemon XY players and Friend Codes. That's right, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y players can now post their Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes for Battle, Trades, and even expend their Friend Safari zones. Furthermore, we hope to get our new Pokemon XY Trade Requests system completed in the coming weeks, once we get our hands on some high quality Pokemon XY sprits and a better new Pokemon XY Pokedex.

Remember, Pokenav is the original Pokemon Social Network with over 1000 Pokemon players and our New 3DS Pokemon XY database will ensure that Pokenav is the best Pokemon Social Network.
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Update: Blogs Offline for 3 Days
written by: Pokenav Developers on 2012-06-21 at 5:27 PM
[Update]: We lied, it took us 10 minutes.

As you know we were hacked and for the first time, the hacker actually got everyone's password. That's why we're taking blog accounts offline as we reset everything. Only bloggers who post on a regular bases will have access to their blogs and trades. We hope to get everything up and running again by this weekend.
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Pokenav Got Hacked. We are Sorry
written by: Pokenav Developers on 2012-06-20 at 4:43 PM
If you have been on Pokenav yesterday and noticed odd posts, it's because we got hacked. It's our fault and for that we're sorry - Pokenav was started in 2005, when we were just mere high school kids. It was never intended to have such a long run and the original code of the website was never changed, this means the entire site is running on code from 2005 made by a couple of high school students, none of which have gone on to study PHP in university. Actually 1 went into engineering, 1 went into asian studies and yours truly went into social anthropology and all of us now have full time jobs and the upkeep of Pokenav comes second to our life. 

I found about the hack while at the office and did not have time to do anything else but to delete the posts and change some passwords. If you are worried about your password, I will be working on a updater around this weekend. If you're really worried, please email us (with the email address on your pokenav account) and we'll generate a random password for you. 

Again this is totally our fault, Pokenav has always been a hobby of ours and we will not stop. Oh and btw, the hacker is some awkward kid from California with no social skills, and even though he claims it, we're pretty sure he's not part of Anonymous. The real Anonymous would be fighting social injustice instead of wasting time on a little site like ours with no links to the Government. 
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Contest Winner
written by: Pokenav Developers on 2011-12-26 at 4:35 AM
The winner is...random_GIRL for telling us Pokemon Heroes is her favorite movie because she's a big altoshipper. The winner was drawn at random and an email has been sent. We will mail you a copy of Zoroark: Master of Illusions once you have given us you're mailing information. We hope everyone has enjoyed this contest and we'll have another such contest in the near future!
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Holiday Contest!
written by: Pokenav Developers on 2011-12-04 at 10:02 AM
Its that time of the year again and we have an even better prize than last year's Shaymin give away. This time we're giving out a copy of Zoroark: Master of Illusions DVD from our friends at Amazon.

The winner will be chosen on Christmas Day morning. The catch?
Leave a comment below using our new comment system telling everyone which of the fourteen movies was your favorite and why. You may enter only once and a winner will be chosen at random.

But there's more! To increase your chances at winning, tweet on twitter that includes the hashtag #pokenavcontest. This can be done on a daily bases, meaning you can get up to twenty tickets for the draw.

Oh and one more thing. You can get even more tickets by posting on our Facebook wall by telling us which movie is your favorite and why.
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