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written by: Tsubasa on 2009-03-23 at 3:02 PM

Those who are now playing Platinum are probably now anticipating the next big thing. Possibly a MMO Pokemon game or maybe Battle Revolution 2? Well those who are dreaming may have had their dreams crushed, because Game-Freaks have no plans for an MMO as it goes against their philosophy; the core of Pokemon will stay as trading.

It also looks like there won't be a new generation of Pokemon coming anytime soon. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum was supposed to be the 'ultimate' Pokemon game. So more reason to believe in a Gold and Silver remake. Repost, Image, and Source: Joystiq
You know your idea for a Pokémon MMO? Or a full Pokémon RPG on a home console? We're talking to all of you here, because literally everyone has come up with those ideas. Anyway, they're not going to happen.

Pokémon Platinum game director Junichi Masuda told What They Play, "At this point, we're not thinking of going in that direction."

"Trading is a core concept of Pokémon," Masuda said. "So when you're trading, you meet with a friend and decide which one you want and which one they want. I would like to emphasize real-world communication. You don't see each other online." This statement paints Diamond and Pearl's online trading, then, as some kind of concession rather than a defining feature.

Masuda also said that the concept for Diamond and Pearl was to produce the "ultimate" Pokémon game. For Platinum? "My direction to game designer Takechi Kawachimaru, also present at this interview with Platinum was to produce another ultimate version."

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