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TWiP 20.5: DSi and Friend Code Rumors
written by: Tsubasa on 2009-01-14 at 1:38 PM

This Day in Nintendo: DSi release date and Friend Code rumors

So two interesting rumors coming out of Nintendo of America today, which I thought was quite interesting. Firstly, it seems that North America will in fact be getting the DSi this spring, however up until now there has not been much information on a firm date. Well, it seems the good people of Nintendo are now whispering on an mid-Spring release date of April 4th with the price tag of $180USD. I just hope it's the same price over here north of the border, if not, then I hope the CAD goes up a bit by then.

Source: DSFanboy.

The second rumor is that some Wii games, I presume 3rd party ones, will do away with Friend Codes in the near future. Sega's "Conduit" is rumor to be the likely first game to do so. By the way, if anyone has not seen previews for the Conduit, it is the Golden Eye/Halo of the Wii. This also potentially mean the next Pokemon game on the Wii will have a better WiFi system for online play, but in my books, it's not likely.

Source: Joystiq, NintendoWiiFanboy.

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